Valentine’s Week

The week of Valentines was the National Salute to Hospitalized Veterans.  I went to the Veterans at the V.A. Hospital in Salt Lake and had my picture taken with heroes! It was fun to go around to all of the rooms and just talk with the patients and show my gratitude for their service. 


I went to Park City and spoke about Internet safety (I.S.) to the elementary school students.  This was no ordinary I.S. appearance; it was actually an after school pizza party!! I was surprised at how involved the children were with the presentation and how much knowledge they retained when we had a test at the end. Nicely done students!


I spoke to a youth group in Manti about how to be good examples.  If you have ever been to Manti and mingled with the young people, you already know what high caliber of youth they are. I always love to come home and speak because I get to see all of the people I love. 

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